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A Word from the Vice-President for
Research and Graduate Studies
elcome to the second issue of
HKUST celebrated its 25
Anniversary last year,
marking another milestone in the University’s short but
remarkable history as a leading education and research
institution. As an early member of the University,
I find it particularly gratifying to have had the opportunity
to grow and to build the University alongside first-class
colleagues. It is an equally fulfilling experience to watch
the University thrive on the world stage today.
With a total of nearly 650 faculty and 5,000
postgraduates, HKUST is numerically small in institutional
research terms. Thus, our international punch and strategic
partnerships with other elite global universities have
little to do with size. Rather, the University’s reach and
reputation are founded on vision, commitment, prescience
and collaborative endeavor that nurture and advance
a spirit of curiosity, discovery, and innovation.
The University comprises the Schools of Science,
Engineering, Business and Management, Humanities
and Social Science, and an Interdisciplinary Programs
Office, which are supported by a network of research
institutes and centers, and central research facilities.
Establishing expertise over a wide range of fields ensures
that HKUST is well-positioned to engage in both education
and research across disciplinary boundaries. At the same
time, the purpose-built main Academic Building, housing
a range of different departments in one location, fosters a
varied but close-knit community of top minds. This unique
collegiate atmosphere serves as an intellectual springboard
for novel ideas and initiatives, and encourages cross-
disciplinary collaboration among faculty and students to
tackle the grand research challenges of our times.
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