Organization Chart

Vice-President for Research & Graduate Studies
Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies
Office of Postgraduate Studies
The Office of Postgraduate Studies coordinates and administers matters related to graduate education at HKUST such as outreaching, recruitment and admissions, enhancement of the quality of graduate programs and refinement of academic and administrative policies relating to graduate studies.
Research Office
The Research Office has two teams:
Research Administration, with responsibilities for dissemination of funding opportunities, research workshops, proposal development assistance-vetting-submission, contract and grant administration, internal funding support, administration of ethics compliance, handling of misconduct cases, and coordination of external research awards and honors.
Research Policy and Special Projects, with responsibilities for strategic planning and coordination, policy development, supporting research committees and reviews, research publication, and supporting research partnerships and special projects.
Central Research Facilities
Central research facilities constitute a major portion of the infrastructure needed to support HKUST's research enterprise. There are 9 facilities have been established at the University.
Research Institutes and Centers
Research institutes and centers exist to stimulate collaborative disciplinary research of a basic or applied nature. In addition to State Key Laboratories, HKUST has more than 30 dedicated Institutes and Centers operated in Hong Kong and Mainland. They reflect a partnership of academia, government, and industry.
Vice-President (Knowledge Transfer)
Guangzhou HKUST Fok Ying Tung Research Institute
As an important platform of HKUST on the Mainland, FYT Research Institute assists the University in fulfilling its mission of technology innovation and advancement in the Pea rl River Delta region through research and by fostering knowledge transfer and industry coll aboration.
Technology Transfer Center
The Technology Transfer Center promotes the University's expertise and capabilities. It assists the University in developing collaborations with industry. It also manages the University's intellectual property.
Entrepreneurship Center
The Entrepreneurship Center is dedicated to advancing high-technology entrepreneurship education and facilitating knowledge transfer activities in HKUST. It aims to nurture entrepreneurship and to provide innovation support through education and business incubation.
HKUST R and D Corporation Limited
R and D Corporation Limited is engaged in the commercialization of University-owned intellectual property. It handles contract research with industry, consulting agreements, and technology licensing.