Research Strategy

HKUST's Five-Year Strategic Plan for 2011–2016 demonstrates our commitment to research excellence. The range and strength of our core academic disciplines provide a solid foundation for the development of interdisciplinary research initiatives. We will continue to maintain our research vitality through proactively recruiting faculty and offering central equipment and funding support to researchers engaged in focused strategic research.

Our high-level research strategies are as follows:
  • Establish a multi-pronged approach to foster research excellence within and across disciplines, supporting individual curiosity-driven basic and applied research, and investing in a number of flagship projects that are in line with our research focus areas and strategic developments.
  • Carry out a multiyear, multimillion-dollar plan for research equipment renewal and upgrade to ensure that our facilities remain state of the art and capable of supporting world-class research.
  • Leverage our Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) to advance our research agenda, integrating IAS activities into undergraduate and postgraduate education, and bringing together international experts with different backgrounds for innovative thinking on globally important issues.
  • Engage actively with government, industry and society, and strengthen our knowledge transfer efforts, in particular in the six new industries identified by the Hong Kong Government, to enhance our impact regionally and globally.
  • Extend our research base beyond Hong Kong through formation of international and regional partnerships and alliances, and capitalize on our presence and activities in the Mainland.
  • Broaden the research components in our undergraduate education; in particular, develop the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program into a flagship program with increased student enrolment.